So, you’ve written a great cover letter, created your resume, put some serious thought into your presentation for the interview, and circled the calendar date to ensure you don’t forget the big day? Excellent! You’re off to a great start. Now is the time to do a little groundwork so you can get to the job interview on time.

No matter which industry you’re working in, punctuality is a universal quality loved by employers all over the world. And just like a nice smile, it’s free!

Making a good impression

Getting to your job on time indicates you are enthusiastic, reliable and committed to finding out more about the new position. On the flip side, turning up late to a job interview will almost always result in a black mark against your name. Accidents aside, the last thing your future boss wants to hear is a longwinded account of how slow the traffic was, why the neighbour’s cat ripped your best shirt to shreds or that you slept through your alarm. It’s a little too close to ‘the dog ate my homework’ story in high school.

Doing a test run

One way to avoid being late is trialling your route to the interview. It may normally take twenty minutes to drive from A to B, but if you do a test-run beforehand, you can factor in little things like speed restrictions during school collection times or peak traffic. If you normally commute by bicycle or motorbike, see how much longer it will take to find a place to stash your helmet, swap the lycra or leathers for an interview outfit and fix your hair after you hop off the bike.

If you’re walking, see if you’re comfortable covering the distance in your planned outfit. You might find you’re better off wearing a pair of sneakers for the walk and saving the good shoes until you arrive (and if this is the case, take a backpack or bag that you can leave with the receptionist, so you don’t walk in carrying sweaty sneakers!). And public transport journeys will be a lot smoother if you’ve done it once before.

Navigating multiple locations

Some businesses have multiple sites within one town or many buildings within their grounds. Visiting beforehand is a great idea, so you are in the right place, at the right time, on the right day. Don’t be afraid to walk into a workplace a week or two in advance and check with their customer service staff that you’re in the right location.

Perks of being early

Arriving early for a job interview also gives you a chance to gather yourself before the big meet and greet. You can sit down, catch your breath, soak up the workplace atmosphere, use the restrooms and run through the questions you’re likely to be asked.

If all else fails…

Make sure you write down a name and contact number for the interview. Then, if you are running late, at least you can call ahead and warn them you’re behind schedule. It may mean your interview is shorter, but the courtesy of keeping your potential employer informed will help lessen the black mark against your name.

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