How do I know if my project is eligible?

are-able Community Grant applicants must meet the following qualifying criteria:

  • Small to medium not-for-profit organisation (under$1,000,000 annual turnover)
  • The community grant requested must be $5,000 or less
  • The grant project must be located within an are-able Geographical area
  • The activity or project benefits people within the community experiencing disability or disadvantage.
  • Your organisation can supply an ABN or ACN?
  • Your organisation must not have received an are-able Foundation community grant within the past two years
  • Be able to provide proof of incorporation
  • If successful, does the applicant have the resources to implement the grant within 2 months?
  • *Please note, events are no longer eligible for are-able Foundation Community Grants, if you’re looking for event sponsorship please email marketing@areable.org.au

How are successful applicants decided?

All eligible applications will be graded against the following weighted criteria. Those who receive the highest score will be awarded funding.

Key selection criteria

Applicants will be awarded funding based on the highest scores in each of the following areas:

  • Do the organisations mission, vision and values align with those of are-able?
  • Does the organisation service clients or community members considered to experience disability or disadvantage?
  • Will this project provide benefits to people in our community living with disability or disadvantage?
  • Will the benefits be ongoing and/or service a large amount of people?
  • The initiative directly assists people with a disability or experiencing disadvantage through education, support systems or programs
  • The initiative creates or enhances social and/or physical participation for people with a disability or disadvantage
  • The initiative creates or enhances community access opportunities for people with a disability or disadvantage
  • Does the application state a considered and relevant project timeframe?
  • Does the applicant have a realistic budget and access to additional resources (if needed) to complete the project or activity
  • Does the applicant provide approval to participate in cooperative media/digital marketing?