Getting ready for a job interview can be just as exciting as getting all spruced up for a date, after all, the main aim for both occasions is making a good impression!

In our experience, employers will usually provide at least a week’s notice when scheduling interviews. This will give you plenty of time to consider your appearance as well as nutting out the interview questions employers are likely to ask and what you need to know about a company before you accept a job.

We always encourage our job seekers to dress in neat, comfortable clothing. Your outfit doesn’t have to be brand new, over-the-top, fancy or formal, nor does it need to be expensive, but it should definitely be clean, neat, tidy and comfortable.

The right clothes for the job

The clothes you choose will be guided by the role you’re applying for. A pair of neat jeans and a shirt would be perfectly fine for someone applying for an outdoors type of role, like landscaping or a trade, but we’d warn against denim for more formal roles like office administration or customer service. Leggings, hooded jumpers and singlets are fine if your new job involves teaching gym classes, but otherwise, believe us when we urge you to steer clear of active wear. A great rule of thumb is thinking ahead to the type of clothes you would wear in that particular job. If the position requires you to dress smartly, then be sure to arrive at your interview as if you were ready to walk right into the role. It’ll show the interviewer you’ve done your research, plus it will make it easier for them to imagine you in that position.

Putting your best foot forward

Black slacks or a skirt with a button-up shirt or blouse is an easy option that gives a professional appearance. If you’re on a tight budget, consider loaning an outfit from a friend or chat to your Employment Consultant – we may be able to help. Or, with such a range of colours, styles and sizes in the opportunity shops, there’s usually something there for everyone, and the helpful volunteers will happily help you put your best foot forward. Which brings us to shoes…


If you’re planning on stepping into a new pair of shoes for your upcoming job interview, be sure to have bandaids on hand! Whilst you don’t have to spend hours pressing pleats or polishing your shoes to a military shine, a freshly ironed outfit and set of clean, polished shoes makes a good impression.

Personal grooming

Work on presenting the best version of you. If you normally wear make-up, keep it nice and natural. If you don’t like make-up, then stick with a freshly washed face, so you can concentrate on asking and answering questions instead of worrying whether you have lipstick on your teeth. Just like ironing your clothes, you’ll feel more confident if your hair is neat and tidy, so perhaps factor a quick trim and tidy up those whiskers if you’re a bearded bloke. It’s not a great time to trial radical hairstyles or completely revamp your personal style, but it’s certainly worth making the effort to give yourself the best chance for success.

are-able can help you prepare for your job interview

Our friendly Employment Consultants are always happy to help our job seekers and steer them in the right direction. We have great insights into employers’ expectations and we’re always happy to share our wealth of knowledge. We can even go shopping for you if you need!  Call us on 1800 566 066 for more information.