If you’ve ever picked up the best-selling book ‘The Barefoot Investor’ or heard the author Scott Pape on television or radio, you’ll probably know he’s on a crusade to help the average Joe save money. And if you’re one of the million-plus readers who purchased a copy of his newest release – The Barefoot Investor for Families – you’ll know he encourages children and teenagers to take control of their finances from a young age.

Here at are-able, we’re all about helping job seekers build their ability and unlock their potential, which is why many of our staff found themselves nodding eagerly when they read these two books.

A chapter called ‘The Magic of Flipping Burgers’ in Scott’s latest book particularly resonated with our employment consultants. As well as interviewing some of Australia’s biggest youth employers (supermarkets, small businesses and fast food outlets), Scott went undercover for a new insight into the youth job hunting process and shares his findings in an easy-to-understand format.

We’ve been placing first-time job seekers in the work-force since 1989, and we agree with Scott’s view that young people gain great confidence and responsibility from seeking and maintaining paid employment. It’s an excellent read for young job seekers and their parents, well worth borrowing or buying from the local library or book shop.

As promised in last week’s blog post about the minimum working age in Victoria, here’s a brief overview of South Australian regulations. According to the SafeWork website, there is no minimum working age in SA. However, a child of compulsory school age, which is between six and 16 years of age, cannot be employed during the hours that they are required to attend school. Nor are they allowed to work at a time, such as late at night or early in the morning, that is likely to render them unfit to attend school or obtain the proper benefit from such attendance.

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