Have you made a New Year’s resolution to start job hunting when the holidays are over? It turns out you’re not alone, with research indicating that job-hunting is actually at its peak in January.

But wait! These statistics are no reason to let your enthusiasm fizzle out quicker than fourteen tonnes of fireworks on December 31; there’s also plenty of good news!

As well as sand flies and sunburn, Summer also brings opportunities!

The high number of holiday-makers means jobs abound in hospitality. Lifeguards are in demand. Cleaners are required in almost every single town to blitz through holiday rentals and accommodation premises. More people on vacation mean more temporary staff are required to fill the void. If you’re not seeing jobs advertised in the newspapers and online at this time of year, then print a few copies of your resume and hit the streets to see where you might find work.

Have you noticed a café that’s struggling to keep up with the demands of leisurely lunchers? Or perhaps the strawberry farm or orchard down the road has been hit with an early glut of fruit? Parents are often dreaming of a nanny or childminder to help while school is out, and many property owners are after a gardener to tame their rapidly-growing lawns. Whatever your specialty, get to work on making this summer work for you.

And if you haven’t yet whipped your resume into shape, then head over to our Job Seeker Resources section of the website and see how are-able can help you unlock your potential!

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