From Doubt to Triumph: Toby’s Transformation with are-able’s SLES Program in Swan Hill

From Doubt to Triumph: Toby’s Transformation with are-able’s SLES Program in Swan Hill

In the small but vibrant community of Swan Hill, a remarkable change has taken place thanks to the dedicated efforts of the are-able School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) program. Toby Bacon, a young man brimming with potential but initially hampered by self-doubt and anxiety, has found his path to success through this vital NDIS initiative.

Since joining are-able on December 20, 2021, Toby’s journey has been nothing short of inspiring. At the start, Toby was a reserved individual, struggling to find his place in the world and feeling unsure about his future. However, the SLES program, designed to support young people transitioning from school to employment, provided the perfect platform for Toby to grow and flourish.

Toby’s involvement in various work experience opportunities has been a cornerstone of his development. His standout performance in motor mechanics highlighted his skills and interests, setting a clear direction for his career aspirations. Moreover, the Friday group sessions offered by are-able allowed Toby to build social connections with fellow SLES participants, further boosting his confidence and sense of belonging.

The impact of the SLES program on Toby’s life has been profound. Not only has he secured a position as a Warehouse Assistant at Ultrastak Australia, where he is thriving and receiving commendation from his employer, but he has also seen significant personal growth. His resilience, motivation, and self-esteem have soared, enabling him to develop crucial employability skills such as teamwork and communication.

In addition to his employment success, Toby achieved an educational milestone by completing a Certificate III in Engineering at SuniTAFE Swan Hill. This accomplishment is a testament to his hard work and the comprehensive support provided by are-able.

Reflecting on his journey, Toby shares, “I believe that the SLES program has helped me out significantly and I definitely recommend it to any future participants. The main thing is don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t be too worried as there are always opportunities. I am enjoying work; it has opened my views about employment opportunities. It made me realise there are heaps of jobs out there and that someone has to do them.”

“Toby’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of the SLES program. Seeing him grow from a young man filled with self-doubt to a confident, capable professional is incredibly rewarding. His story inspires all of us at are-able and reaffirms our commitment to supporting young people in their transition from school to meaningful employment.” Lyndon, Employment Consultant and Engagement Consultant at are-able.

Toby’s story is a shining example of how targeted support and opportunities can transform lives. The are-able SLES program continues to play a crucial role in helping young people like Toby find their way, build their skills, and achieve their dreams. Toby’s journey from a young man filled with uncertainty to a confident, capable employee is a guiding light for others embarking on similar paths.

As part of SLES, are-able offers employment opportunities in various open employment and Social Enterprises across Victoria. For more information, just contact your nearest are-able office.

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