Jack’s Success Story: Nailing Work Experience with are-able Warrnambool

Jack’s Success Story: Nailing Work Experience with are-able Warrnambool

Meet Jack, a participant in the School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) program, is making waves at George Taylor’s Store in Warrnambool. Under the guidance of supervisor Ken, Jack’s experience showcases the positive impact of NDIS activities and services provided by are-able.

Starting his journey with are-able with some uncertainty, Jack quickly proved his dedication during his work experience at George Taylor’s Store. From learning product lines to organising stock efficiently, Jack’s eagerness impressed both supervisors and colleagues alike.

Ken, Jack’s supervisor, praised his exceptional contribution, noting, “Jack’s enthusiasm and work ethic were evident from day one. He became an integral part of our team, showing a keen interest in learning and positively contributing to our operations.”

Recognising Jack’s commitment, Ken awarded him a certificate for his outstanding performance during his work experience. This acknowledgment not only validates Jack’s efforts but also instils pride and a sense of accomplishment.

Beyond his tasks, Jack’s enthusiasm and positive attitude left a lasting impression. George Taylor’s Store expressed interest in having Jack return for further learning opportunities, highlighting his work ethic and value to the workplace.

Reflecting on his journey with are-able, Jack shared, “This experience has been life-changing. It’s not just about learning new skills; it’s about gaining confidence and realising my potential. I’m grateful for the support and opportunities are-able has provided me.”

Jack’s story underscores the impact of NDIS activities, particularly the SLES program, in empowering individuals with disabilities to achieve employment goals. Through tailored support and meaningful opportunities, are-able continues to enable success stories like Jack’s, fostering inclusivity in our communities.

As Jack’s journey inspires hope and resilience, it emphasises that with the right support and determination, individuals of all abilities can thrive in the workforce, contributing their unique talents to create a more inclusive society. As part of SLES, are-able offers employment opportunities across Victoria. For more information, contact your nearest are-able office or visit us online School Leavers Employment Support (SLES) (areable.org.au)