Empowering Employment Opportunities with are-able in Mildura

Empowering Employment Opportunities with are-able in Mildura

In the pursuit of meaningful work in Mildura, Jordan’s journey stands as an example of resilience. Supported by Disability Employment Services (DES) offered by are-able, he not only secured employment but also discovered a sense of purpose. Jordan’s experience highlights the impact personalised support can have when it comes to finding employment.

At the age of 22, Jordan found it hard to engage with the job search process. However, the dedication of Reney Hutchins, Business Development Officer at are-able, became the start for a remarkable breakthrough. Alongside Reney, Jordan received assistance in acquiring suitable clothing for interviews, essential documentation, and even transportation to his workplace. Reney’s approach equipped Jordan with the confidence and tools necessary to thrive in his position.

Today, Jordan excels as a kitchen hand at Sunassist Volunteer Helpers Inc, where he prepares nutritious meals for the community through Meals on Wheels. His newfound confidence and ambition serve as an inspiration to those around him.

Reflecting on Jordan’s journey, Reney is so proud of Jordan, emphasising the joy in witnessing his growth and success. Reney is so proud of the support provided by are-able, reaffirming the organisations commitment to empowering individuals to overcome obstacles and fulfil their aspirations.

“I am absolutely thrilled to witness Jordan’s incredible growth since our collaboration began. I am immensely proud of Jordan and privileged to have played a role in his journey.”

If you or someone you know is encountering challenges in securing meaningful employment, please reach out to our team today for further information about the Disability Employment Services (DES) offered at are-able.