From Volunteering to Employment: Robyn’s Journey of building Confidence in Mildura

From Volunteering to Employment: Robyn’s Journey of building Confidence in Mildura

In Mildura, at Totally Workwear, a story of resilience and triumph emerges. Robyn, a 44-year-old woman with an intellectual disability, reshapes her with support from are-able and the nurturing environment of an inclusive employer.

Robyn’s journey to employment wasn’t without its challenges. Having never been formally employed, she found herself at a crossroads. However, with determination and the guidance of her Employment Consultant, Reney, Robyn embarked on a path towards employment.

Reney recognised Robyn’s potential long before she did. Through regular face-to-face appointments, Reney instilled confidence in Robyn, helping her to realise the wealth of transferable skills she possessed from her experiences as a dedicated mother and volunteer. Together, they worked on interview preparation, secured appropriate interview clothing, and utilised wage subsidies to alleviate any financial concerns.

Totally Workwear embraced Robyn with open arms, offering her a role as an embroidery assistant. Robyn’s responsibilities extended beyond the confines of her job description; she became a valued member of the team, contributing her unique perspective and dedication to excellence. Recognising her commitment, Robyn’s employer, Riley, ensured that flexibility was woven into her work schedule, prioritising Robyn’s role as a mother above all else.

The impact of Robyn’s employment goes above the confines of the workplace. With a newfound sense of purpose, she gained confidence in her abilities, a sentiment echoed by Reney, who described witnessing Robyn’s transformation as “very rewarding.” Moreover, Robyn’s ability to provide for her daughters imbued her with a sense of pride and fulfilment, marking a significant turning point in her life.

Robyn’s journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of employment and the unwavering support of community organisations like are-able and employers like Totally Workwear. As Robyn continues to flourish in her role, her story stands to reinforce hope for individuals facing similar challenges, so they can rewrite their own narratives of success.

are-able remains committed to breaking down barriers, creating opportunities, and inspiring hope for individuals seeking a path to meaningful employment.