Tasty Plate to Kings Catering: Brandon’s Journey to Employment

Tasty Plate to Kings Catering: Brandon’s Journey to Employment

In the heart of Warrnambool, a tale of resilience and community spirit shines brightly through Brandon’s inspiring journey to meaningful employment with the assistance of are-able and Kings Catering.

Brandon, a 29-year-old man, embarked on his journey when his previous workplace, Tasty Plate, closed its doors. However, rather than succumbing to setbacks, Brandon bravely registered with are-able, where he found a supportive ally in Kristy Malone, a dedicated Disability Employment Services (DES) consultant.

“I first met Brandon 2 years ago,” shared Rob King, the owner of Kings Catering. “He would regularly visit Kings Catering, and I soon recognised his incredible demeanour and the fantastic skills he demonstrated at Tasty Plate. I thought he would be a perfect fit for the team once his previous workplace closed.”

Kristy’s unwavering support and consistent visits were pivotal in Brandon’s transition. “I can offer extra assistance/training on the job if required, assistance with Centrelink, fortnightly visits in the workplace,” Kristy explained. She also facilitated discussions about job lists and support workers, although Brandon ultimately didn’t require these supports.

Today, Brandon flourishes in his role at Kings Catering, working closely alongside Rob King himself. His responsibilities include food preparation, kitchen hand tasks, maintaining kitchen cleanliness, dishwashing, and shopping. The structure of work has brought stability to Brandon’s life, and he’s embracing the opportunity to learn new skills and enhance his independence.

Reflecting on his journey, Brandon expressed deep gratitude for the opportunities presented to him. “I’m thankful for the opportunities Rob has given me,” he shared, emphasising the positive impact his employment has had on his life.

For Kristy and the team at are-able, Brandon’s success story exemplifies the power of collaboration and community support in creating meaningful employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. And for Kings Catering, Brandon’s presence enriches their team and underscores their commitment to inclusivity and diversity in the workplace.

As Brandon continues to thrive in his role, his journey serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us all of the transformative power of employment and community solidarity. His story inspires us to overcome obstacles with determination and embrace support from our communities. Through Brandon’s journey, we witness the profound impact of resilience, dedication, and the unwavering support of those around us.

Are-able remains committed in its dedication to dismantling obstacles, fostering avenues for growth, and igniting optimism for individuals in pursuit of fulfilling employment opportunities.

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