Empowering Lives: Two DES Clients Secure Paid Employment After Two Decades

Empowering Lives: Two DES Clients Secure Paid Employment After Two Decades

In a heartwarming turn of events, our dedicated team in Bendigo has successfully opened doors to paid employment for two of our Disability Employment Services (DES) clients, marking a milestone in their lives that they once thought was out of reach.

Nicole and Phil, who have been grappling with unemployment for over 20 years, found solace in volunteering their time at community-based thrift shops. Their commitment and dedication did not go unnoticed, leading to a remarkable opportunity that would reshape their lives.

The breakthrough came when Lifeline, an organisation with a mission to make a positive impact, approached our Business Development Officer, Tori. Lifeline expressed their intention to open a thrift shop in Bendigo and sought to provide employment opportunities specifically for our DES clients.

Following this collaboration, both Nicole and Phil underwent interviews with Leanne from Lifeline. The news of their successful interviews was delivered in a moment that will forever be etched in our memories. Phil’s Employment Consultant, Niki, called him with the life-changing news while the entire office in Bendigo shared in his joy and emotion.

Today, Nicole and Phil have successfully entered paid employment. Their determination and resilience have not only secured them jobs but have also added a new chapter of hope and fulfillment to their lives.

This heartening success story emphasises the transformative power of collaboration between our team at are-able and organisations like Lifeline. Together, we are not just creating jobs but fostering a community where everyone, regardless of their past challenges, can find purpose and joy.

As we celebrate this significant achievement, let it serve as an inspiration to all of us to continue striving for a community where everyone is given the opportunity to thrive and contribute meaningfully. Congratulations to Nicole and Phil on this well-deserved achievement, and here’s to many more success stories on the horizon.

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