Warrnambool’s BeatLab Empowers Participants to Express Their Creativity

Warrnambool’s BeatLab Empowers Participants to Express Their Creativity

In the heart of Warrnambool, a heartwarming success story is unfolding at Albert Street. It’s a story of creativity, empowerment, and community engagement, all thanks to the NDIS activities and services provided by are-able community activities.

Meet Ami Howe and Kerrie Crawford, two remarkable women who have found their passion and voice through the BeatLab program. This inspiring journey is a testament to the positive impact that NDIS activities can have on individuals’ lives.

Ami and Kerrie, both proud females, have been actively participating in the BeatLab program, located right here in Warrnambool. Led by the dedicated Social Enterprise Support Worker, Michael Falkiner, BeatLab is a platform that fosters creative expression through music.

Ami and Kerrie have a history of enjoying social participation and engagement through are-able, and BeatLab has taken their experience to a whole new level. When asked about their favorite aspect of the program, they both light up with enthusiasm. They love that they can create their own songs and even produce accompanying music videos. What’s more, they have the opportunity to perform their songs in front of others.

According to Michael Falkiner, the Social Enterprise Support Worker, “Ami and Kerrie are incredibly talented individuals. Seeing them express their creativity and gaining confidence through BeatLab has been a true joy. It’s wonderful to witness their growth and self-assuredness.”

The impact of BeatLab on Ami and Kerrie’s lives is undeniable. They have not only found a creative outlet but have also gained confidence in their abilities. They’re now able to showcase their talents to the world, spreading positivity and inspiration through their music.

As Ami and Kerrie continue to flourish in BeatLab, their story serves as a lesson in empowerment for others in the Warrnambool community. Their journey demonstrates that NDIS activities and services can be life-changing, providing individuals with the opportunity to express themselves and find their unique talents.

In Warrnambool, BeatLab and are-able are changing lives, one creative note at a time.

If you would like to learn more about the NDIS activities offered by are-able visit NDIS Activities (areable.org.au) to learn more.