Empowering Success Stories Emerge from Mt Gambier Jobs Expo  

Empowering Success Stories Emerge from Mt Gambier Jobs Expo  

Dreams took flight in the heart of Mt Gambier at the recent Jobs Expo, where are-able employment seekers made incredible progress whilst showcasing their determination, resilience, and newfound confidence despite barriers such as autism and anxiety.

Jenny Brown and Leigh Harpham, dedicated Employment Consultants at are-able, have been instrumental in transforming the lives of these remarkable individuals, whose ages range from 18 to 25. Each of them embarked on their journey with are-able within the past year, seeking not just jobs, but opportunities to shine and contribute to their community.

The Jobs Expo proved to be a pivotal event, where these job seekers could interact with various industries and potential employers. At the onset, emotions were mixed, with many experiencing understandable anxiety. However, under the guidance of Jenny and Leigh, the attendees navigated the bustling event with growing confidence.

A particularly heartwarming moment was when Leigh embarked on a 2-hour round trip to pick up an outreach client from Millicent. This act of dedication not only showcased the commitment of the are-able team but also demonstrated the lengths they go to support each individual’s journey.

Jen and Leigh armed each job seeker with resumes neatly compiled in their own are-able folders. These folders didn’t just hold documents; they held dreams, aspirations, and a sense of professionalism that elevated the job seekers’ confidence. The empowerment that comes from presenting oneself as a capable professional is immeasurable and are-able recognised this crucial aspect.

As the day progressed, conversations flowed, connections were established, and fears were replaced with excitement. A celebratory atmosphere emerged as the group reconvened, sharing their achievements and discoveries. Laughter resonated as competitions and chocolates added a touch of camaraderie to the occasion.

Jenny and Leigh witnessed a remarkable transformation in their clients. What was once a room full of nervous and shy individuals gradually transformed into a vibrant community of confident question-askers and enthusiastic participants. The growth was tangible, and it was a testament to the nurturing and supportive environment cultivated by are-able.

The Jobs Expo showcased the power of collaboration, the strength of overcoming personal barriers, and the unwavering support provided by are-able. As we celebrate this heartening journey, we look forward to many more success stories that showcase the incredible potential within our community.