Empowering Independence and Renewed Confidence in Maryborough

Empowering Independence and Renewed Confidence in Maryborough

In Maryborough, a heartwarming story of resilience, determination, and renewed hope unfolds as one remarkable individual, Lois, embarks on a journey of empowerment. At are-able (formally known as WDEA Works), we are excited to share the inspiring journey of mature-aged Lois, who overcame significant barriers to find fulfilling employment.

This extraordinary individual faced a multitude of challenges, including endurance limitations, mobility restrictions, confidence issues, and a desire for greater independence. Lois’ journey was further complicated by lower limb deficiencies, which ultimately led to knee replacements. Despite these hurdles, her unwavering spirit and determination never wavered.

Enter are-able, where Paul Lowery, dedicated are-able Employment Consultant, took on the mission of helping her find suitable employment. With a deep understanding of her unique circumstances, Paul worked tirelessly to match her with the right employment vacancy.

Today, Lois has found meaningful employment as a receptionist at Maryborough Toyota. Her role involves various responsibilities, and her work extends beyond traditional job functions; she has become an invaluable member of the team.

For this specific role, emotional support was essential. The strong working relationship between are-able’s Business Development Officer (BDO) Kym, Employment Consultant Paul, and the manager at Maryborough Toyota played a vital role in ensuring a successful and happy working environment.

But the impact of this journey extends far beyond the workplace. In her own words, Lois reflects, “Prior to undergoing two knee replacements, my general health was not good. Due to continual knee pain and limited mobility, I became a bit of a recluse, and my mental health deteriorated greatly during this time. After surgery, my mobility improved immensely, and with the support from are-able, I was able to overcome my fear and negative emotions of being an older person re-entering the workforce. With the assistance of Kym at are-able, who played an instrumental part in finding and assisting me in rejoining the workforce, I haven’t felt so good in myself for a very long time. are-able is the first job provider that I have encountered where they actually assist clients to find employment, not just go through the procedure of ticking people off.”

Carl Spencer, the Manager at Maryborough Toyota, shared his thoughts: “From the moment I spoke to Kym from are-able, I felt she knew exactly what we wanted and absolutely delivered on that. Not only does Lois tick all the boxes in what we needed to perform the role, but she is an excellent cultural fit for our business too. I couldn’t recommend Kym and are-able highly enough.”

This incredible journey highlights the transformative power of support, determination, and the unwavering belief in the potential of every individual. are-able remains committed to breaking down barriers, creating opportunities, and inspiring hope for individuals seeking a path to meaningful employment.