Shaping Success for Seamus with the are-able SLES Program in Colac

Shaping Success for Seamus with the are-able SLES Program in Colac

A heartwarming success story has unfolded for our Colac School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) team, where are-able has become a beacon of empowerment for their participant Seamus.

Arron Graham-Exelby who was the Employment Preparation & Engagement Consultant (EPEC) but now Site Manager at are-able Colac, shared the uplifting journey that began with a commitment to guide Seamus towards a brighter future. In the initial stages, we collaborated with Seamus and his family to understand their expectations. SLES is designed to address individual needs and aspirations, ensuring a personalised approach for each participant.

In a recent milestone, Arron suggested a job trial involving lawn mowing at ClearCut Terang, one of are-able’s thriving Social Enterprises. ClearCut operates from bases in Warrnambool and Terang, providing valuable and practical employment opportunities in a caring, inclusive and social environment.

Seamus enthusiastically embraced the idea, and what began as a simple suggestion has now blossomed into a remarkable 3-day work trial. To celebrate this exciting step forward, the team recently visited G.O.R.G.E Chocolates, where they had a delightful encounter with alpacas.

The are-able SLES service not only provided Seamus with a supportive advocate in his EPEC but also instilled the confidence to explore new opportunities.

Arron emphasises the importance of client-centric progress by stating, “I firmly believe that what we have achieved represents significant advancement for Seamus. The astonishing strides taken in the last few months underscores the transformative impact of the SLES program, which places our clients at the centre of everything we do.”

The are-able SLES program helps young people prepare, look for and gain meaningful employment. We work with students to provide tailored, individual services, so you can set and achieve your employment goals. are-able offers individual support for up to 2 years leading up to or after finishing your last year of secondary schooling. Working together with your family and support network, we can develop a program to get you job-ready!

Seamus’ journey serves as a shining example of the potential for empowerment and growth when individuals are provided with the right support and opportunities. As part of SLES, are-able offers employment opportunities in various open employment and Social Enterprises across Victoria. For more information, just contact your nearest are-able office.