Inspiring Journey of Heath: From SLES to Basketball Assistant Coach

Inspiring Journey of Heath: From SLES to Basketball Assistant Coach

are-able is thrilled to share the inspiring journey of Heath, a beacon of inspiration within the School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) program, whose life has been transformed through our NDIS Activities and Services.

Heath, a passionate basketball enthusiast, embarked on an inspiring adventure with are-able’s support. After nearly two years in SLES, he sought to expand his horizons beyond its activities. Introduced to a community connection opportunity with the Shepparton Gators, a local basketball team, Heath eagerly embraced the chance to explore his dream of being a part of the basketball world.

Under the guidance of his Employment Preparation & Engagement Consultant (EPEC), Tracey Toy, Heath began shadowing the head coach, Josh Waight. This role allowed Heath to assist in coaching the team, set up training activities, and be the players’ guide during drills. He even took on the role of a scorer during practice matches, using the electronic board.

Heath’s involvement extended to game days, where he became an integral part of the team, assisting in stadium setup, interacting with players, and even enjoying the spotlight during player introductions. The Shepparton Gators made Heath feel like a VIP, and his joy was palpable when his name echoed through the stadium.

Heath’s journey reached a pinnacle when he witnessed the Shepparton Gators’ victory and advancement to the semi-finals. Despite sensory challenges, Heath navigated the bustling atmosphere with ease, expressing his love for being part of the experience.

The impact on Heath’s life has been nothing short of profound. Through this journey, he gained confidence, honed communication skills, and forged meaningful connections with the Shepparton Gators’ players and coaching team.  This experience will remain etched in his memory forever.

Reflecting on Heath’s journey, Tracey Toy, his EPEC, emphasised, “Making community connections helps participants like Heath build confidence, communication skills, and a sense of belonging and purpose.”

are-able is committed to creating opportunities that empower individuals like Heath to explore their passions and realise their potential. Heath’s inspiring journey exemplifies the transformative impact of personalised support and building meaningful community connections.

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