are-able Empowers Lives Through Inclusive Employment in Geelong

Meet Casper, Raylene, and Andrew, three remarkable individuals whose lives have been transformed thanks to are-able’s unwavering dedication to inclusion, support, and belief in every person’s potential.

In July 2022, Casper, Raylene, and Andrew embarked on a life-changing journey with Ghanda Clothing, a well-known fashion retailer that recognised their unique strengths and aspirations. Ghanda extended a warm invitation to join their team, offering roles that initially involved stickering items and providing a safe, low-stress work environment—ideal for individuals facing barriers to employment, including anxiety, mental health challenges, autism, and other disabilities.

are-able Employment Consultants, Emma Thomas and Nick Cass, were committed to breaking down barriers and creating an environment where Casper, Raylene, and Andrew could not just succeed but truly shine.

Justin, the supervisor at Ghanda, emphasised, “are-able and Ghanda both prioritise the well-being of their employees, and this is reflected in the exceptional staff retention rate.”

The impact of their employment extends far beyond the workplace. Casper, Raylene, and Andrew, along with many others, have experienced transformative changes in their lives. They’ve moved from their initial benchmarks to creating pathways to permanent contracts, gaining newfound independence and a deep sense of self-worth.

Their journey is a shining testament to the power of inclusive workplaces and how, with support and belief, every individual can achieve their dreams and live their best lives. are-able’s dedication to creating inclusive employment opportunities is changing lives and showcasing the incredible possibilities that emerge when employers and employment service providers come together with a people-focused approach to provide opportunities for all.

are-able is a community-focused not-for-profit organisation that has been supporting local employers and job seekers for over 30 years. We’re here to help your business with a pool of amazing, talented job seekers, ready to find employment. For more information about are-able’s Employment Services, contact our team today.