Breaking Barriers, Building Futures with are-able Employment Services in Ballarat

are-able is proud to share the inspiring story of a remarkable client in Ballarat. This determined individual faced significant learning difficulties and epilepsy. However, with the unwavering support of are-able and dedicated Employment Consultant, Becky Irons, they turned challenges into triumphs.

Our jobseeker embarked on their journey with are-able in 2021, facing the daunting task of entering the workforce with limited experience and formidable barriers. Despite learning difficulties and epilepsy, their determination and the compassionate guidance of are-able transformed adversity into opportunity.

With are-able by their side, our client never walked alone. Emotional support, guidance in social interactions, work clothing, and transportation solutions, including fuel cards, were provided. Through a traineeship, they gained valuable skills that paved their path to success.

Their destination was Uniting Care – Breezeway, where they began a traineeship in kitchen operations. Their role involved assisting the chef in preparing meals for the vulnerable community—a position that allowed them to develop culinary skills while making a difference in people’s lives.

Despite the hurdles, this individual persevered, and their dedication shines through every meal they prepare and deliver to elderly patients at the Beaufort and Skipton health services. Their journey, once marked by challenges, has now become a source of immense pride and accomplishment.

Our client’s story reflects the transformative power of employment. Beyond gaining independence, they have honed their social skills, and most importantly, they now hold a qualification that underscores their resilience and dedication.

Their path to success encountered its share of bumps, including personality conflicts with team members. Yet, with the support of their Employment Consultant, they developed stronger communication skills, resilience, and conflict resolution abilities.

Gaining employment has been life-changing for this jobseeker. It has not only boosted their independence and social skills but has also instilled a deep sense of achievement. Their journey is far from over, and as they continue to grow, are-able stands as their unwavering ally, offering support and encouragement every step of the way.

‘Gaining employment at Uniting’s – Meals Program has brought about significant changes in our client’s life. They have become more independent, developed crucial social skills, and obtained a valuable qualification. This transformation speaks volumes about their resilience and the positive impact of our support.’ Becky, Employment Consultant are-able.

are-able is proud to witness our client’s growth and success. We remain committed to breaking down barriers, empowering jobseekers, and helping them build brighter futures.

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