Empowerment through Employment for Billy with are-able in Mildura

Right in the heart of Mildura, there’s a truly inspiring story of unwavering determination, resilience, and, above all, the power of relentless support – the journey of Billy towards securing meaningful employment with the dedicated assistance of are-able.

Billy’s connection with are-able began in March 2021, following the end of his long-standing employment with a local business. Billy’s situation is unique, as he needed an employer who could understand and cater to his unique physical and mental needs. This marked the beginning of his quest to find not just a job, but the perfect fit – a place that would offer him continuous, tailored support.

In the beginning, Billy found fulfillment in a factory role, and he wholeheartedly embraced his work. Sadly, the seasonal nature of the industry led to a slowdown, eventually resulting in a temporary halt in production. But Billy’s determination never wavered.

The turning point in Billy’s journey arrived when our Employment Consultant (EC), Leith Williams, and our Business Development Officer (BDO), Trista Rickard, forged a strong partnership with Cann Group, a Medicinal Cannabis facility. This collaboration secured Billy a position within the production team, where he could work for 30 hours each week, doing what he loved.

What makes this journey truly exceptional is the seamless collaboration between Billy, his employer, and are-able. His employer prioritised providing Billy with the essential on-the-job support that was expertly tailored to meet his unique physical and psychological needs.

As time passed, Billy’s unwavering dedication and exceptional performance caught the attention of his employers. This recognition led to his transition to the Cultivation team, where he set new standards for operational excellence. His remarkable time management skills even led to the implementation of innovative processes, making him a true pioneer in his field.

Billy recently celebrated a significant milestone – 52 consecutive weeks of employment! And the best part? His journey is far from over. He’s all set to continue his career journey with Cann Group, now working over 30 hours per week. His strong bond with his supportive employer has him dreaming of a prosperous future within the organisation.

are-able played a pivotal role in fuelling Billy’s employment success. Our support extended to onboarding, providing uniforms, and preparing him for interviews. What’s more, we collaborated closely with his employer to ensure Billy’s work environment was carefully tailored to his unique physical and psychological needs, even innovating procedures exclusively for him.

Billy’s journey serves as a testament to our core principles at are-able – customised support, unwavering perseverance, and the boundless potential that emerges when individuals are equipped with the right opportunities and assistance. It’s not just a story of transformation; it’s a story that inspires individuals and organizations alike.

For further information on our ongoing efforts to support individuals like you in your pursuit of meaningful employment, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here for you every step of the way.