WDEA Works continues to drive positive change in communities as are-able

WDEA Works continues to drive positive change in communities as are-able

For over three decades, WDEA Works has been transforming lives in local communities through providing services & fostering connections. The non-for-profit organisation is embarking on an extraordinary journey of transformation. As part of a strategic plan to deepen its positive impact and reach more communities, WDEA Works proudly announces it’s rebrand as are-able, arriving Monday 9 October 2023.

Since 1989, WDEA Works has supported clients with disabilities in entering the workforce. Starting with just three employees, the organisation initially operated from Warrnambool, soon extending to Colac, Portland, and Hamilton. As demand for its services grew, so did WDEA Works geographical reach – expanding operations and services beyond the western districts of Victoria to create opportunities across diverse communities. Three decades later, the organisation is driving positive change in Victoria, South Australia and Queensland.

are-able is built on the strong foundation established by WDEA Works and continues to provide a diverse range of services for the unique needs of individuals, businesses and communities. This transformation supports the organisations strive towards a brighter future, driven by an unwavering commitment to “do more for more people in more communities.”

are-able is more than just a brand, it is a catalyst for change. The organisation is dedicated to breaking barriers, challenging stereotypes, and creating an environment where every individual’s abilities are recognised, valued and nurtured.

This purpose for people shines through in the way the organisation brings diverse communities together to help people reach their full potential.

Tom Scarborough, are-able CEO, stated, “This rebranding marks a pivotal chapter in our organisation’s journey. It reflects how we are doing more to deliver greater impact, create opportunities for inclusiveness and drive positive change in communities across Australia. Together we are building communities that say yes, we are able.”