Brendan’s Triumph Over Barriers Towards Employment and Independence

Brendan’s Triumph Over Barriers Towards Employment and Independence

At are-able, we believe in the power of resilience and the promise of opportunity. Today, we are delighted to share the inspiring story of Brendan, a remarkable young man who has faced challenges with unwavering determination on his path to employment.

Brendan’s journey began in the heart of Bendigo, where he confronted the unique hurdle of living with autism. Guided by the dedicated support of Tash Redwood, his Employment Consultant at are-able, Brendan set out on a mission to not just secure a job, but to discover his purpose.

The road ahead was filled with obstacles, and Brendan faced a significant challenge – he had never held a job before. However, his commitment to crafting a brighter future for himself and his fiancée fuelled his determination. are-able recognised Brendan’s potential and forged a partnership with Wild & Tamed, a local bakery that offered a unique opportunity.

As a packer at Wild & Tamed, Brendan embraced his new role. He commenced his shifts at 4 am, displaying remarkable resilience in the face of adversity. Notably, Brendan did not possess a driver’s license, but this didn’t deter him. Rain, hail or shine, he pedalled his way to work on his trusty bicycle.

This job at Wild & Tamed was not just about employment; it marked a turning point in Brendan’s life. It paved the way for financial independence, and more importantly, it kindled a newfound sense of purpose. Brendan’s supportive employer, Randell Blakemore, went above and beyond to assist him in achieving his driver’s license, supervising his learner hours and offering guidance during deliveries.

In the words of Tash Redwood, Brendan’s Employment Consultant, “This is a great outcome for Brendan’s first job, and it’s all thanks to a supportive employer.”

Brendan’s first job was not just a job; it was the key to independence and new opportunities he hadn’t imagined before. He can now work towards securing a future with his fiancée, and this employment journey has opened doors he didn’t know existed.

Brendan’s remarkable journey reminds us that with determination, support, and opportunity, individuals can overcome barriers and achieve their dreams.

Brendan himself shared, “Working has allowed me to have a purpose, support myself and my fiancée financially, and open up other options I didn’t know I could do.” Randell Blakemore, Brendan’s employer, echoed this sentiment, emphasising the importance of giving everyone a chance in life.

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