Warrnibald Prize shines a light on communities of the South West

Warrnibald Prize shines a light on communities of the South West


The highly anticipated Warrnibald Prize is back.

The renowned open-entry portrait exhibition and art prize continues to captivate audiences while honouring the remarkable contributions of individuals within south-west Victoria.

Organised by the Warrnambool Art Gallery in partnership with are-able, the prize places the spotlight on the thriving communities of the South West.

“The Warrnibald Prize serves as a powerful platform to recognise the immense talent of local artists and appreciate the unsung heroes who have made significant impacts on the fabric of South West Victorian communities,” are-able Director of Communication and Engagement Andrea Hogan said.

Director of Warrnambool Art Gallery Aaron Bradbrook said this year’s exhibition would “pay tribute to individuals who have excelled in culture, charity, business, science, health, education, sport, and politics, representing the diverse tapestry of our society.”

“Art has the power to bring communities together and inspire dialogue,” Mr Bradbrook said.

“The Warrnibald Prize not only showcases the artistic talent of our community but also fosters a sense of unity and pride among South West Victorian residents.”

Warrnambool Acting Mayor Cr Max Taylor said the Warrnibald Prize was a wonderful showcase of local talent and was an enormous gallery drawcard because of the community connections to the artists and portrait subjects.

“Get along to the gallery and don’t miss the chance to witness the talent and stories that define our region,” Cr Taylor said.

South West artists are invited to submit their portrait entries to the Warrnambool Art Gallery.

Submissions will be accepted on June 9 and 10 with art works to be delivered to the gallery by 3pm, June 10.

Voting for the Archibool Prize (people’s choice award) starts on June 24 and ends July 15. The Archibool winner will be announced online at 2pm, July 16.

Young artists aged 18 and under have the opportunity to participate in the Junior Warrnibald Prize.

The Junior Warrnibald encourages young artists to depict individuals they admire from their own lives. Prizes in each of the five age categories are up for grabs and are generously supported by are-able, and Darrians Office and Art Supplies.

“The Junior Warrnibald Prize celebrates the impact these figures have had on the young artists’ journeys, whether it’s a parent, grandparent, foster carer, neighbour, friend, teacher, doctor, nurse, or shop owner,” Ms Hogan said.

Participating junior artists can collect their frames from the gallery and bring their visions to life either on-site or in the comfort of their own homes.

Completed artworks must be delivered to the Gallery by 3pm, Friday July 14. The winning Junior Warrnibald work will be exhibited alongside the Warrnibald entries, creating a vibrant display of artistic talent and inspiration.

The Warrnibald Prize has become an annual celebration of community spirit, fostering connections among South West Victorian residents and encouraging unity.

Artists of all ages are urged to seize this opportunity to contribute to this remarkable showcase, sharing their unique perspectives and paying tribute to the thriving communities we call home.

The funds raised through the 2023 Warrnibald and Junior Warrnibald will support are-ableNDIS activity “Artlink”, which plays a vital role in helping individuals with a range of abilities to identify and achieve their creative goals, promoting inclusivity and ensuring that everyone is embraced in community life.

The Warrnambool Art Gallery invites the public to experience the Warrnibald Prize exhibition from June 24 to September 3 and the Junior Warrnibald Prize, from 24 June to July 23.

For further details, including entry guidelines, Terms and Conditions, and delivery dates, please visit the Warrnambool Art Gallery website at www.thewag.com.au/exhibition/warrnibald-prize-2023