A Day of Boundless Imagination and Creative Exploration for Early Childhood Education & Care Students in Horsham

Experience a Journey of Imagination and Creativity with are-able Education and Training‘s Early Childhood Education & Care Program in Horsham

Embarking on a remarkable adventure, students pursuing their Certificate III in Early Childhood Education & Care at are-able Education and Training were treated to a day filled with boundless creativity and imagination. Guided by their dedicated trainer and assessor, Cindy Hammond, they embarked on an unforgettable excursion to the enchanting Horsham Botanical Gardens. This immersive experience aimed to transcend conventional playtime and learning, allowing students to discover the endless possibilities for children’s growth and development.

Splitting into groups, the students enthusiastically ventured into the gardens, uncovering open-ended spaces where children could freely explore and play. The treasures they unearthed were nothing short of awe-inspiring. One group stumbled upon a captivating sensory garden, offering a myriad of plants to touch, smell, and even taste, igniting the senses of young explorers. Meanwhile, another group stumbled upon a whimsical fairy garden, where imaginations took flight, granting children the freedom to weave their own magical tales.

“The power of experiential learning is immeasurable. We believe in going beyond traditional textbooks and offering our students practical learning experiences,” Cindy emphasized. “Through in-class activities, guest speakers, and engaging excursions, we provide ample opportunities for students to apply their knowledge and truly flourish.”

The students’ minds buzzed with ideas and discussions as they recognized the profound significance of providing diverse play experiences for children. Encouraged by Cindy, they embraced the challenge of designing their own unique play spaces in the classroom, drawing inspiration from the scenarios they were given. Their creativity shone brilliantly as they sketched and conceptualized engaging play environments that would leave a lasting impression on young hearts and minds.

During this particular excursion, the students were encouraged to explore beyond the confines of the garden’s playground equipment. They unveiled new learning opportunities through play, honing essential skills like teamwork and negotiation as they collaborated to construct imaginative play spaces. By engaging with the herb garden’s diverse plant life—touching, smelling, and even tasting—they expanded their senses and language abilities, becoming familiar with plant names and identifying colors within their vibrant surroundings. But above all, their imagination soared to new heights, fostering an atmosphere of sheer delight and wonder. Under the radiant sun, the day became a cherished memory, culminating in a shared BBQ lunch that further strengthened the bond among the students.

“This extraordinary day has been a stepping stone for our Horsham students, propelling their understanding of early childhood education and care to new heights,” Cindy reflected. “By immersing themselves in the enchanting gardens and experimenting with various play scenarios, they have gained invaluable insights into the transformative power of open-ended play.”

The photographs capturing their garden excursion and the mesmerizing play spaces they created stand as a testament to the students’ exceptional creativity and unwavering dedication.

“If you’re seeking a rewarding career in Early Childhood Education & Care, seize this opportunity to join our team! Contact us today to embark on your own journey of inspiration and make a lasting impact on the lives of young children,” Cindy urged.

For more information about are-able Education and Training‘s Early Childhood Education & Care Program, please visit www.areable.org.au/training/early-childhood-education-care.