What is an Industry Visit?

What is an Industry Visit?

As part of are-able School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES), Employment Preparation & Engagement Consultants (EPEC) will arrange for one or a group of participants to go along and visit a local business. This is referred to as an industry visit.

Industry visits provide participants with insights into a particular job, industry, or organisation.  It involves a short, guided tour of the worksite with an industry professional.

What happens at an Industry Visit?

Industry visits are organised between an are-able Employment Preparation & Engagement Consultant (EPEC) and a local business.

During an industry visit, a workplace representative takes the EPEC and participant/s on a short tour of the site.

They will often explain what the business does, the roles that exist within the organisation and sometimes will talk about their own career and how they got into their role.

There is an opportunity for the participant to ask questions, allowing them to envision themself in the workplace.

Benefits of an Industry Visit

  • It provides a chance for participants to see ‘behind the scenes’ of an organisation and get a better understanding of the type of roles available both within the specific business and the wider industry
  • Participants can expand their knowledge of different roles, businesses, and industries
  • Both participants and employers can gauge whether they might be a good fit for a future ‘work experience’ opportunity
  • It isn’t too time-consuming for either party
  • Visiting a workplace and meeting new people allows participants a chance to practice their communication, professional presentation and transportation skills whilst supported by their EPEC
  • It is another great way for participants to build their confidence in new environments
  • There is a low commitment from busy businesses however the opportunity makes a huge difference for participants

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