Reiley’s Furphy Foundry Work Experience

Reiley’s Furphy Foundry Work Experience
Reiley, Tracey and Bayden at Furphy Foundry.

Reiley, are-able School Leavers Employment Supports (SLES) Participant, has successfully completed work experience at Furphy Foundry in Shepparton. Keen to work in the blacksmith industry, Reiley was so excited to be doing his work experience at this well-renowned manufacturing company.

Reiley was supported in his work experience through are-able School Leavers Employment Supports (SLES) in Shepparton. Here, he met his Employment Preparation & Engagement Consultant (EPEC), Tracey, and they set the goal to get industry experience at a blacksmith or manufacturer.

Researching businesses within the Shepparton area, Reiley and Tracey worked together to find local manufacturing companies. They were drawn to the amazing products at Furphy Foundry, as well as the operating foundry on site.

Tracey and Reiley contacted Darrin Carr, Production Manager at Furphy Foundry, and organised a tour of the factory, where they asked about potential work experience.

Darrin was super impressed by Reiley’s enthusiasm for the business and he was happy to offer him work experience.

After completing one week of work experience in the Foundry department, Reiley had already made a huge impact. In the moulding process, he helped construct and seal the sand moulds for the liquid metal, as well as breaking up and cleaning up the final cast metal objects.

Tracey is very happy to see Reiley’s progress, getting himself organised and ready for his work experience.

“I was so proud of Reiley’s research and communication throughout the interview and work experience process. On the last day, he even remembered to ask his supervisor if he would be able to use them as a referee on his resume. It is wonderful for Reiley to be able to include a nationally recognized brand such as the Foundry on his resume and for this business to provide work experience opportunities to young people in our community,” said Tracey.

Both are-able and Tracey are very proud of Reiley and cannot wait to see what comes next in his employment journey.

Work experience is just one of the ways are-able helps Shepparton School Leavers Employment Support participants to find a job they enjoy.  Learn more about SLES here.