How to answer, “Tell us about yourself?” in a job interview when you’ve got experience

How to answer, “Tell us about yourself?” in a job interview when you’ve got experience

When attending a job interview or meeting an employer for the first time, 

“Tell us about yourself” is often one of the first questions they will ask.  

It’s common to think they’re just being friendly and want to know all about your pets, however – you should think of this as one of your interview questions.  


First, let us consider why do employers ask the question “Tell us about yourself”? 

They are looking for a summary of your resume, cover letter and personality. What they really want to know is how you communicate, your skills, personality and how this might make you a great employee. 

This simple question provides the perfect opportunity to make a great first impression with your prospective employer 

 A helpful tip is to think of your answer in a ‘Past, Present and Future’ sequence.  


PAST – Start off by introducing yourself and explaining your experience or qualification relating to the job you are applying for.  


PRESENT – Talk about how these experiences led you to your current position, discussing how you can transfer these learned skills to your new workplace.  

*TIP – Make sure to keep the conversation professional. Sadly, this is not the time to discuss your hobbies, pets, or favourite colour. Keep your response concise and stay relevant 

*TIP – Avoid complaining about previous jobs, workplaces, or colleagues. Although this may be true, it is not a good idea to leave the interviewer with any negative impressions. Instead, try to highlight your positive experiences, attributes, and what you have learnt along the way.  


FUTURE – Finish off your response in the future tense. You may want to talk briefly about some of your career or employment goals. Consider mentioning your values or interests that align with those of the business or industry.  


Practise your response! 

Practise, practise, practise. Rehearse with family or a friend to ensure you are feeling ready and confident. Good luck. You have got this!