How early should I be to my Interview?

How early should I be to my Interview?

A simple way to make a great first impression at a job interview is to arrive on time. But what exactly does ‘on time’ mean by employer’s standards?  

As a rule of thumb, interviewers expect you to arrive before your arranged interview time. So, arrive early.  

But how early is too early? 

Most employers like their candidates to be 15 minutes early, as it shows that they are ready and enthusiastic for the interview. It also gives insight to your character and time management as a potential future employee.  

It’s not ideal to arrive exactly on the dot. Plus, you need to allow time for traffic, parking and finding the building.  

Try to avoid arriving too early so you don’t put pressure on your interviewers to entertain you or rush their other tasks.  

Got a little extra time before the interview? Why not try some relaxation techniques to calm the mind. Take a deep breath – you’ve got this!