Michael Shines in New Role With Support From are-able Horsham

Michael Shines in New Role With Support From are-able Horsham
Rodney Ough, Kate Ough and Michael Freeth, KC Detailing.

When Horsham man Michael Freeth joined the growing team at KC Detailing, owners Rodney Ough and Kate Lawes couldn’t have predicted he’d enable them to go on a much-needed holiday.  

A fortnight earlier, are-able Horsham Employment Consultant Simon Millar had dropped by KC Detailing. The business, which details cars, motorbikes, fleet cars, tractors, trucks and boats was thriving. Rodney and Kate needed a new team member.  

The job required someone with a good eye for detail, but they were also looking for someone reliable and independent. Simon knew a jobseeker from are-able Disability Employment Services (DES) program would be beneficial to their business.  

Rodney Ough, Kate Ough and Michael Freeth photographed with car
Rodney Ough, Kate Ough and Michael Freeth, KC Detailing.

Michael Freeth, a car enthusiast, was identified as the perfect candidate. As someone who experiences anxiety and depression, Michael prefers to work quietly and diligently, so the role was a good fit. Working with cars was a bonus.   

Kate and Rodney interviewed Michael, and after a trial, they offered Michael a position.  On his first day of work Michael was nervous but excited.  

My first day went great. I was a bit nervous about working on other people’s cars but Kate and Rod answered all my questions, explained everything and made me laugh. I got through my first day, ready and keen for the next,” said Michael 

Since beginning his employment, Michael hasn’t looked back and quickly thrived in the role. After working there for just one month, Kate and Rodney trusted him to look after the business while they went away for a well-deserved break. Employing Michael has allowed Rodney and Kate a chance to grow their business, he now also manages another staff member.  

“Employing Michael has been a fantastic experience for our growing our business and moving forward,” said Kate.   

Gaining employment with KC Detailing has had a positive impact on Michael’s life.  

“Employment is a way for me to constantly have something to do that keeps me occupied and not by myself in my own head all the time,” he said.  

Rodney and Kate love having Michael as part of the team. 

 “He’s been awesome we just love him; he’s a such a great worker has a great ethic. We cannot speak highly enough of him he’s just a ripping guy and great at his job. In fact we have to tell him to slow down sometimes,” said Kate.  

The team at the are-able office couldn’t be more excited to see Michael happy in his work and continue to support Rodney, Kate and Michael on their employment journey. are-able have fortnightly meetings and assist with uniforms, equipment and any training needed.  

“We are more than happy with are-able and what they’ve done for us they’ve given us a worker that’s just amazing we love the support and the constant keeping in contact to make sure we are okay and also Michael is okay,” said Kate.  

If you’re a job seeker or know someone seeking employment with a disability, contact your nearest are-able team.