Limestone Coast Pantry Cooks up a Role for Rachel

Limestone Coast Pantry Cooks up a Role for Rachel

When Mt Gambier woman Rachel applied for a kitchen hand role at the Limestone Coast Pantry (LCP), she never dreamed the role would lead her toward a barista role and further study. Single parent Rachel had limited experience and low-confidence due to a spinal injury and associated trauma.    

After experiencing her back injury, Rachel was looking for an employer who would be able to integrate her injury into a role. Lyn McLachlan, owner of Limestone Coast Pantry, was keen to give Rachel an opportunity to get back into the workforce and build her skills and confidence.  

Jenny Brown is Rachel’s Employment Consultant from Disability Employment Service (DES) provider are-able Mt Gambier. She sat down with Lyn and Rachel and mapped out what the business required. They found ways Rachel could tackle the tasks and identified any support are-able could offer, making it a successful and sustainable employment opportunity.  

After twelve months, Rachel is thriving in her role. She has improved confidence, skills, and financial security.   

 “By working I’m showing my daughter that with the right support, you can face any obstacles with an enthusiastic and positive mind set,” she said. “I wanted to show my daughter that you can work even with experiencing back pain with the right employer and support.”  

 Jenny is thrilled with the outcome and has enjoyed providing workplace support to both Lyn and Rachel. 

“I check in with both Lyn and Rachel fortnightly to see if either of them is having any challenges or need anything. We’ve been able to support with equipment, training, and workplace conversations, having open and ongoing communication is an important part of my role,” she said.   

Lyn is impressed with Rachel’s work, and Lime Coast Pantry are keen to see her continue to thrive.  

“Rachel is an integral part of our LCP team. We are so impressed by Rachel’s growth that we are financially supporting her to undertake study in the hospitality industry, which she is due to complete later this year. Thanks to  are-able’s support, LCP has developed a strong and capable worker and Rachel has found her independence and self-confidence,” said Lyn.  

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