are-able Hamilton Finds Employment For Hardworking Local

are-able Hamilton Finds Employment For Hardworking Local
L-R Harry & Craig standing out the front of the Bandicoot Motor Inn

Two years ago,  Harry  Brar and his family decided on a southerly tree change, and  relocated from  Brisbane after purchasing Hamilton’s Bandicoot Motor Inn. The lifestyle change came with a few challenges- one of them maintaining the extensive gardens around the motel. Harry met with are-able Hamilton Business Development Officer Damien Logan and asked for help finding someone trustworthy, hardworking and diligent to assist with the gardening and maintenance. Luckily for Harry, are-able has a great history supporting businesses to find staff and disability recruitment services.

Meanwhile, are-able Employment Consultant Lise Lowe was looking for a meaningful, suitable and ongoing role for her client, Craig. As a provider of disability employment services throughout Hamilton, Lise endeavored to find that perfect fit for both jobseeker and employer.

Craig is based in Cavendish where he also volunteers with his local church, CFA and helps run errands for his family.  Lise suspected the role at  the Bandicoot  Inn would be suitable for Craig, who enjoys working outdoors  and also  has previous experience working in a gardening and nursery setting.

Harry and Craig met to discuss the role, and they’ve been a great team ever since.

Two men standing out the front of a motor inn with a giant bandicoot sculpture next to them
L-R Harry & Craig standing out the front of the Bandicoot Motor Inn

“Craig is a great asset to the team; he’s grown so much since joining the team. We’ve seen his confidence grow and he now feels comfortable showing his initiative,  helping out  with other areas of the Inn. He is an important team member,” said Harry.

Despite the challenges Covid-19 has presented to the inn, Craig has continued working throughout the year, maintaining his responsibility for keeping the grounds neat and tidy, cleaning the outdoor furniture, watering the plants, cleaning the paths and mowing the lawns.

Lise is thrilled to have found a meaningful and ongoing role for Craig.

“He is reliable and efficient, and he’ll give any task a go. He’s happy going about his work with little fuss. Harry and Craig are a great team; Craig’s role is now in open employment and you can see the pride that his work brings to him,” she said.

are-able provide ongoing support to Craig, with Lise and Damien making regular visits to the Bandicoot Inn, making sure everything is running smoothly. Lise provides additional support to Craig, helping him with anything he’s unsure of – learning how to read his payslip, organise his tasks and purchasing any safety or workwear required.

Craig  enjoys his role at the Bandicoot  Inn, and  is always eager to get to work.

“My favourite job is mowing the lawns with the ride-on-mower,” he said. “But I’m  also  happy  to  help make the beds and take the sheets off,” he said, displaying his characteristic strong work ethic.

With Christmas and the holiday season fast approaching, Harry knows the Inn is going to be busy and is grateful to know the  gardens  will  continue to look great with the help of Craig, “With Craig’s help I know that  I can focus on running the Inn and not have to stress about  making sure the gardens are well maintained  which is such a relief as a business owner,” he  said.

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