New Training Model for First Aid & CPR With are-able Education and Training

New Training Model for First Aid & CPR With are-able Education and Training

are-able Education and Training has continued to adapt its First Aid and CPR Training delivery model so community members can learn in a safe and engaging environment whist completing their certifications 

“When restrictions eased, we re-assessed how we were running our First Aid and CPR Training sessions. With COVID-19 safety a priority and a recognition of trends towards online learning we wanted to ensure our learning model fitted the student’s needs. Our new model achieves this without cutting down on the quality of training.” Said Kristine Zimmer, Senior Trainer & Assessor.   

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Under the new training model students who choose to undertake their CPR and/or First Aid training with are-able Education and Training are sent all the learning material to learn through online modules and complete ahead of their face-to-face training. 

The face-to-face training and assessment is now only 3-4 hours instead of 6 (depending on whether they are first-time learners or experienced professionals maintaining qualifications).  

It’s a priority that people learning First Aid or CPR for their first time have an opportunity to ask questions and that they are able to leave the class feeling confident in their skills. I feel we’re still able to achieve this with the new format.” Said Kristine.   

A recent student said, “I found the experience to be amazing, our trainer Kristine was highly knowledgeable in First Aid and CPR.” 

Earlier this year are-able Training purchased state-of-the-art Brayden CPR Manikin’s. These manikins are still used in the face-to-face component of the training and allow students to gain real-time feedback on the correct depth and rate of compression during CPR. When CPR is performed correctly the manikins light up providing students with immediate feedback for their actions.   

“I will be there assisting students, but these new manikins will allow them to leave the classroom with an increased sense of confidence that if they needed to administer CPR, they have experienced performing it correctly.” Said Kristine.   

 In what has been an uncertain year for face-to-face training, are-able Education and Training hopes that this new delivery method will allow more people to learn and update their CPR and First Aid certifications  

“First Aid is important for everyone to learn, whether you do it for your family and loved ones, your workplace or your community. There is such a strength to knowing that in the face of an emergency you could provide assistance“ concluded Kristine.  

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