Employment for people with a disability

are-able’s Social Enterprises focus on offering meaningful employment opportunities for people with a disability. We do this through a range of business enterprises and community support services.

These services provide a supportive environment for people with a disability, to help them develop job skills and work ethic. The ultimate goal is open, independent employment.

If you want to work at are-able Social Enterprises, you must satisfy the following eligibility criteria:

  • Have an approved NDIS plan that includes funding under core supports.
  • Have a NDIS goal relating to employment.
  • Be eligible to or receive the Disability Support Pension.
  • Be 18 or over.

For Social Enterprise enquiries, please contact are-able.

The history of are-able Social Enterprises

are-able NDIS Social Enterprises division dates back to 1955, when it was established as ‘Yalunda Support Services’ for people with disabilities in Warrnambool, Hamilton and the surrounding communities.

In 2007, are-able took on INTEG Lawn mowing and Gardening, based out of Terang. In 2011, we were able to expand our Social Enterprise model with the Vantage endorsed takeover. Our Supported Employment Enterprises (commonly referred to as SEEs) continue to support over 120 people with disabilities at businesses located in Warrnambool and Hamilton.

are-able’s Supported Employment operations rely on funds from State and Commonwealth Governments, as well as income generated from business sales. It’s a unique model that empowers people with a disability to re-enter the workforce, while at the same time creating thriving community businesses.

Please contact are-able to find out more about our NDIS Social Enterprises division, or any social opportunities for people with a disability.