Victory Over Adversity in Mildura’s Employment Sector

Victory Over Adversity in Mildura’s Employment Sector

Charlise, a 20-year-old woman from Mildura, has defied the odds to secure meaningful employment despite facing significant barriers.

Charlise, who battles anxiety and depression along with concentration limitations, found herself at a crossroads when she decided to transition away from the hospitality industry, where her mental health struggles were exacerbated. Fortunately, her journey took a positive turn when her aunt, employed by EDHS, referred her to are-able for support.

Trista Rickard, Charlise’s dedicated Employment Consultant at are-able, who worked tirelessly to navigate Charlise’s challenges. Trista helped Charlise compile medical evidence, find a new doctor, and upload necessary documentation, laying the groundwork for her employment journey.

Despite initial setbacks in securing interviews due to lack of experience, Charlise’s perseverance paid off when she crossed paths with Value Care Mildura. Recognising her potential, the supportive employer offered Charlise a traineeship in administration, a role perfectly aligned with her skills and aspirations.

But Charlise’s success story doesn’t end there. With ongoing support from are-able, including wage subsidies, assistance with checks and uniforms, and reverse marketing efforts, Charlise seamlessly integrated into her new workplace. Value Care Mildura, an exemplar of inclusive employment practices, embraced Charlise and two other local heroes, fostering a nurturing environment where they could thrive.

Reflecting on her transformative journey, Charlise expresses gratitude for her newfound stability and purpose. “Working at Value Care feels like home,” she shares, echoing sentiments echoed by her employer and Trista, who celebrate her growth and contributions.

Charlise’s story serves as a beacon of hope, highlighting the transformative power of employment in overcoming adversity. As Mildura’s employment landscape evolves, initiatives like those pioneered by are-able and supportive employers like Value Care continue to change lives, one success story at a time.

For Charlise and countless others, employment isn’t just about earning a pay check; it’s about reclaiming work, building confidence, and embracing a brighter future.

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