Turning Passion into Employment in Colac

Turning Passion into Employment in Colac

Michelle, a 47-year-old woman with a passion for horticulture and a love for the outdoors, has found new horizons in her path to employment. Despite grappling with lower limb weaknesses and battling depression, Michelle has taken remarkable strides thanks to the support of the Disability Employment Services (DES) offered by are-able in Colac.

Michelle’s journey began with a simple desire to regain her confidence and the belief in her ability to achieve her dreams. With the helping hand of Glenn, Senior Employment Consultant at are-able, Michelle embarked on a fulfilling path. Through personalised assistance and guidance, Michelle was empowered to pursue her passion for plants and outdoor work.

Securing a position at Warrion Cottage Nursery nestled in the scenic Warrion Foot Hill Colac, Michelle found herself thriving in a role that perfectly aligned with her interests and skills. Her responsibilities include repotting, weeding, propagating, and refurbishing various areas of the nursery, allowing her to immerse herself in her love for horticulture.

Michelle’s journey to success was a collaborative effort between Michelle, her employer Alex, and are-able. Regular post-placement support sessions facilitated by Glenn ensured a positive working relationship between Michelle and Alex. Alex’s genuine support and trust in Michelle’s abilities fostered a positive and nurturing work environment, where Michelle flourished and exceeded expectations.

Reflecting on her newfound employment, Michelle expressed “I just enjoy being at work and having a supportive employer that appreciates my work,” she shared. “Having a regular income helps me with my day-to-day living, and I now have financial relief and can afford the extra things I was previously unable to.”

Alex echoed Michelle’s sentiments, commending her exceptional work ethic and valuable contributions to his business. “Michelle is a great asset to my business,” he affirmed. “She goes above and beyond with all aspects of her role, and I am thrilled to have her as part of our team.”

At are-able, we are immensely proud to be a part of Michelle’s journey. Michelle’s story stands as a beacon of hope for individuals facing similar challenges, highlighting the impact of meaningful and supportive employment.

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