Transforming Challenges into Opportunities in Portland

are-able is proud to share the journey of our resilient client, whose path to meaningful employment is a testament to perseverance and support.

At 26 years old, this young man has faced his fair share of challenges. Battling mental health issues, grappling with learning difficulties, and struggling to find motivation, life was an uphill climb. To add to his journey, he also embraced the role of a becoming a first-time father, amplifying the hurdles he faced.

But at are-able, we thrive on turning challenges into opportunities. Our dedicated Employment Consultant, Tessa O’Bree, saw beyond the barriers and recognised his potential. Together, they embarked on a journey to secure the perfect employment opportunity.

His dream? To work in the great outdoors at a local abalone farm. But this dream required more than just hope; it required support. are-able stepped in, providing guidance and helping him prepare for interviews through mock interviews and ensuring he had the right attire to make a strong impression.

The path to employment wasn’t without its twists and turns. Our displayed unwavering commitment, attempting to complete the Employment Skills Training (EST) program not once, but twice. He also achieved a first aid certificate, demonstrating his determination.

The turning point arrived when Yumbah, a local abalone farm, saw his potential and offered him a significant opportunity. Recognising his literacy challenges, they adapted their training programs to ensure he could excel in his role. An industry visit provided valuable insights, leading to several job openings at the site.

But the support didn’t stop there. Our client’s role was customised to part-time hours, and ongoing support was provided to ensure a successful and harmonious working relationship.

This employment journey brought more than just a paycheck, it provided a newfound sense of financial independence and, perhaps most importantly, a deep sense of self-worth.

Tessa, Employment Consultant, believes, “this could be life-changing, not only for him but also for his family.”

At are-able, we believe in the transformative power of meaningful employment. This story exemplifies our commitment to empowering individuals, nurturing their potential, and transforming lives.

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