Libby’s Bright Future in Early Childhood Education in Ballarat with are-able Education & Training

Libby’s Bright Future in Early Childhood Education in Ballarat with are-able Education & Training

At are-able Education & Training, we’re excited to share an inspiring journey of Libby Germain, whose passion for Early Childhood Education and Care has transformed her life in ways beyond her imagination.

Libby embarked on her studies in March 2022 when she enrolled in the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care with are-able Education & Training. From day one, she displayed a remarkable commitment to her studies, attending classes with enthusiasm and consistently demonstrating her dedication to learning. With a classroom-based approach and weekly placements, Libby had the opportunity to dive into real-world experiences, gaining invaluable insights into the industry.

Throughout her journey, Libby never missed an assessment or a class day. Her classmates often found encouragement from her, and she eagerly lent a helping hand whenever possible.

As Libby progressed through her studies, her experience expanded across different services within the industry. Her dedication caught the attention of her mentors, and in May 2023, she received an offer for a part-time position which she eagerly accepted. Today, she spends three days a week in the pre-kindergarten room, an achievement made possible by completing her certificate.

are-able Education & Training has played a pivotal role in transforming Libby’s life. She now lives her dream, working in the field she has always been passionate about. Her journey has led her to become an integral part of a dedicated team, contributing her skills and enthusiasm to the centre. Libby’s transformation from a dedicated student to an empowered team member showcases the impact that quality education and unwavering determination can have.

Libby’s journey wasn’t solely confined to the classroom. She completed work experience in three different centres, enriching her understanding and strengthening her skills before embarking on her part-time role. This diverse experience equipped her with a well-rounded perspective of the industry.

Embracing this new career path has brought about a positive transformation in Libby’s life. She has achieved her lifelong goal of working with children, and her newfound opportunities within the field are limitless. Libby’s success story embodies the core values of are-able Education & Training, highlighting the potential within each individual when provided with quality education and the right support.

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