Sylvia’s Employment Journey: Overcoming Barriers and Thriving with are-able Swan Hill 

Sylvia’s Employment Journey: Overcoming Barriers and Thriving with are-able Swan Hill 

Imagine overcoming obstacles, building confidence, and achieving your employment goals. That’s exactly what 26-year-old Sylvia has done with the help of are-able Disability Employment Services (DES) in Swan Hill.

Just 18 months ago, Sylvia approached are-able with a strong desire to find employment. With the unwavering support of her Employment Consultant, Jacki Watts, Sylvia landed a job as a kitchen assistant at Hope Aged Care in Swan Hill, where she’s been thriving for the past year. Despite challenges such as not having a driver’s license and living remotely, Sylvia’s determination shone through as she found creative ways to ensure she could make it to work every day, including moving into town and riding her bike to work.

are-able has been there every step of the way, providing Sylvia with a range of supports including interview preparation, transportation assistance, workplace support, and even uniforms and shoes. Jacki, Sylvia’s Employment Consultant, also maintained regular check-ins with Sylvia’s employer to ensure a positive working relationship.

The transformation in Sylvia has been astounding. Her confidence has skyrocketed, and she’s come out of her shell, finding independence and meaning in her days. According to Jacki, “The change in Sylvia since starting employment has been remarkable. She’s adapted well to her working environment and is now looking towards the future, considering studying options in the aged care field. Her independence and confidence have increased, and she’s even secured her own rental opportunity in town closer to her employment.”

At are-able, we’re incredibly proud to have been part of Sylvia’s success story. Her unwavering determination, hard work, and the support of her Employment Consultant have led to her finding meaningful employment, gaining confidence, and achieving greater independence. We celebrate Sylvia’s achievements and are excited to continue supporting many more individuals on their journey to employment success.

If you or someone you know could benefit from are-able’ Disability Employment Services (DES), don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today! We’re here to help you overcome barriers, build confidence, and achieve your employment goals. www.areable.org.au/employment-services/disability-employment-services