How One Man’s Career Shift Was Made Possible with are-able Shepparton

When Michael relocated to Shepparton from a life in dairy farming, he felt lost and unsure about his future. He believed he had no other skills to offer the world and feared he wouldn’t be able to find new employment. But with the help of his Employment Consultant, Chevvy, Michael’s life took a dramatic turn for the better.

Chevvy helped Michael build a strong rapport and, leveraging his own experience in the supermarket industry, assisted Michael in securing a job at Coles. Encouraged by his newfound success, Michael took on a second job at Hungry Jacks, quickly developing strong workplace relationships with his team, even receiving a cake on his last day.

Today, Michael is employed within the justice system and approaches life with a positive attitude. He credits are-able with giving him the support, guidance, and skills he needed to turn his life around.

“Michael came to are-able Shepparton feeling like the world was against him,” Chevvy says. “Through ongoing support, building rapport, and assisting him with upskilling in IT, we were able to boost Michael’s confidence and set him on the path to success.”

If you’re looking to make a career change, why not have a chat with are-able’ friendly team of Employment Consultants who can assist you with developing your resume while also using their great industry contacts to help you secure your dream job. To find out more visit are-able Employment Services.