Ethan kicks his courier goals

Ethan kicks his courier goals
Ethan starts his new job at the Harvey Norman warehouse.

The Harvey Norman Warehouse in Horsham has recently gained a new star employee, Ethan.

Ethan was supported in his employment through are-able School Leavers Employment Supports (SLES) in Horsham. Here, he met Matt, his Employment Preparation & Engagement Consultant (EPEC) and they began brainstorming career ideas and associated goals.

With the dream of becoming a delivery driver, Ethan and Matt were advised by a local courier company that warehouse employment would be the best pathway for this career.

Together, they researched the industry in-depth and worked on Ethan’s communication, social and professional skills. Matt also assisted Ethan in successfully obtaining his L Plates, and they are now working towards his P Plates. Gradually Ethan built his confidence and became even more motivated to gain employment.

After hearing that Harvey Norman was hiring, Matt and Ethan were able to secure an interview for Ethan.

Ethan’s job interview went incredibly well. At the end of the conversation, Ethan demonstrated his solid interview preparation by asking when he might hear back if successful.

Sure enough, Ethan got a call-back and he has started with one day a week of work experience. The warehouse manager is so happy with Ethan that they will be soon offering him work three days per week.

Daily tasks at the warehouse include unloading and loading trucks, processing the stock, marking invoices, assisting customers, and training to operate warehouse machinery.

Matt is very happy to see him move into a job that is fulfilling and aligned with his career goals. Ethan told Matt that the quote he had written on the whiteboard during his first-ever SLES session, “Always be the hardest worker in the room”, was at the back of his mind all throughout his first day at work.

“Working with Matt in the SLES program has helped me build my confidence, believe I can achieve and has made me less nervous about the future,” Ethan said.

Both are-able and Matt are very proud of Ethan and cannot wait to see him thrive in his industry.

Work experience is just one of the ways are-able Horsham School Leavers Employment Support helps participants to find a job they enjoy.