A Sweet Employment Opportunity for Angus

A Sweet Employment Opportunity for Angus

It’s been the little things that have made a big difference and led Angus Lawson to employment with 1816 Bakehouse in Ballarat.

Angus engaged are-able School Leavers Employment Supports (SLES), an NDIS service in March 2021 to help him find a job. Brainstorming with his Employment Preparation and Engagement Consultant (EPEC) Brittany Kerr, Angus identified 1816 Bakehouse as somewhere he’d like to work.

Brittany helped him set up an interview with 1816 Bakehouse to arrange some work experience. Leading into the interview, Angus was nervous, but Josh (baker) and Michaela (manager) treated him as a friend to make him feel comfortable. By the end of their interview, Angus was feeling confident, and he was grateful when they let him choose a pastry treat to take with him.

Both Josh and Michaela have created a supportive work environment for Angus, allowing him to shine. This support has quickly turned work experience into employment.

Angus loves the work and the team environment. He is adjusting to the early wake-up call and working Monday to Friday.

Michaela has created a supportive workplace for Angus, providing him with a task list of duties to be completed at what times, keeping him on track all day.

Angus is settling in well and loving the structure that Josh, Michaela and the 1816 team have put in place for him.

Brittany is so proud of the way he had grown and adapted to his new pace of life

“I am so proud of Angus; he’s thriving and doing an amazing job in his new workplace,” said Brittany.

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