A Colac Employment Opportunity Has Anthony Feeling Amazing

Anthony Hodge had a smile as wide as his face the day he found out he had gained a job with Colac Toyota. As somebody who was highly motivated to find a role where he felt valued and part of a team, getting that news was a huge accomplishment.  

Anthony experiences autism spectrum disorder (ASD), hearing loss and a spinal injury. He was supported to find employment through are-able Colac. Anthony had moved through are-able School Leavers Employment Supports (SLES) service into Disability Employment Services (DES) when he met Employment Consultant Glenn Baudinette.  

As a sports-lover, Anthony spotted a Richmond poster in Glenn’s office, and they quickly hit it off with a friendly rivalry, Anthony a passionate Brisbane Lions supporter and Glenn a staunch Richmond fan.  

Working with Anthony, Glenn learnt that he had experience in car detailing and was determined to find open employment.  

Together Anthony and Glenn identified that Colac Toyota would be an ideal workplace, they prepared Anthony’s resume and Glenn arranged to meet with Colac Toyota’s Guest Experience Manager Melissa Schultz 

Glenn explained to Melissa that Anthony was highly motivated, looking for work and would make a great team member. This was the first time Colac Toyota had worked with are-able and employed someone with a disability, they were unsure of what to expect but agreed to meet with Anthony.   

 At his job interview, Anthony met with both Melissa and dealership owner John Williams.  He made such a great impression that they decided to create a role and employment opportunity, especially for Anthony.   

“Anthony was such a polite and well-presented young man; we knew as soon as we met him, he would fit in well with the team. We’re thrilled to have been able to create this employment position,” said Melissa.    

Last week Anthony commenced his employment where he is helping with the car detailing and vacuuming. After his first day, he was so excited to share with Glenn how his day went. He was so happy to be working as part of a team and told Glenn he couldn’t wait to go back the next day.   

Melissa also spoke highly of Anthony’s work ethic “He has shown great enthusiasm since he started here with Colac Toyota. He is a great asset, assisting with our car detailing team.”  

Glenn is thrilled Colac Toyota and Anthony have been able to come together in this employment opportunity.  

“It is such a privilege to support Anthony and help him find work. He’s such a polite and appreciative young man. I was just as excited as he was when we found out he had been offered a job. This role will give him some more life and work skills. You can already see his confidence growing, he’s taking pride in what he’s doing and feels valued for his work,” said Glenn.   

Anthony now has his own uniform and is wearing it proudly. Both Anthony and Colac Toyota will continue to be supported by Glenn and are-able Colac for as long as they need.   

“I will continue to work with Anthony and support him in his work. I’ve planned to go in and see how he’s going on the job. We have mapped out some strategies to help him manage his workload and I’ve given Colac Toyota some tips on task management. I’ve also reiterated to Melissa that I’m here to provide employment support to Colac Toyota with anything they need. I think this is just the beginning of a really exciting employment opportunity,” said Glenn.  

As for Anthony, when asked what he thinks about his new job “Wow, just wow. This is just amazing” he said.