First Aid Kit – The Essentials You Need

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, it pays to be prepared.

Accidents can happen at anytime, if one happened to you, a loved one or a member of your community, would you be equipped to face them?

Have you ever considered when you might need to use a First Aid Kit?

Burns, bites, sprains, cuts and much more can happen at a moments notice.

Whatever the circumstance, wherever you may be, having a First Aid Kit on hand can save a life.

are-able’s certified First Aid Trainer recommends that everyone carries some form of a First Aid Kit with them.

Have you thought about the places you may need perform First Aid? Would you be prepared in your home? Out in your car? At work or out and about?

Having the essentials ready to go is important for both your safety and those around you. A simple zip lock bag or a few extra items in your purse might make a huge difference.

What should you include or look for if you are purchasing a First Aid Kit or putting one together?

–  Band aids

– Emergency contact card

– Saline solution

– Antiseptic wipes

– Scissors

– Bandages

– Gloves

– Antiseptic cream

– Safety pins

– Strapping tape

– Tweezers

– Mask for resuscitation

– Ibuprofen

– Pen & notepad​

These basic items  ensures that you are prepared for a range of injuries and illness’s.

Of course, in addition to having a First Aid Kit handy, having first aid training allows you to properly and effectively administer first aid in case of an emergency. If you’re looking to upskill, or learn more, are-able offers first aid courses, helping you gain your CPR and first aid certification.