Attila’s on the Road to Success with are-able Portland

Attila’s on the Road to Success with are-able Portland

When Metro Petroleum Portland decided to bring back the tradition of pump attendants, they knew they’d need someone with a friendly attitude and a strong work ethic. Heywood man, Attila Vinko, was just the man for the job.  With a little liaison from Are-able recruitment & employment services Attila landed the role.  

Attila started at Metro in August this year and has quickly taken on the responsibilities of pumping fuel for customers, keeping the store and bowsers sanitised, maintaining the facilities by keeping them clean and tidy and ensuring the bread is stocked.  

a man wearing a high viability vest filling up a car with fuel at a petrol station

Previously Attila worked as a trolley collector, helping Portland customers with their shopping trollies for almost ten years. When that role finished Attila experienced worry and uncertainty about his future and knew that work was an important factor in managing his mental health.  

Attila’s Employment Consultant and are-able Team Leader Leanne Warburton knew that Attila would be a valuable team member for Metro.  

“Attila has great enthusiasm and is happy to help others in the workplace when needed. I saw what a great job he had done as a trolley collector and knew we just needed to find him the right role again,” said Leanne. 

“We had been speaking with Metro about the idea of old-school service at their stations for many months. As soon as the position was created I knew that Attila would be perfect for the role.”  

Alicia Nitschke from Metro is pleased to offer employment opportunities and has created two other positions similar to Attila’s role.  

“I’m grateful that we’ve been able to work with are-able to create jobs for people who are keen to gain employment. Attila is an asset to the team and it’s wonderful to be able to offer this additional service to our customers,” Alicia said. 

Leanne continues to support Metro and Attila with his employment ensuring he has hard copies of his roster, the right uniform, shoes, PPE or any further training required for the role. Leanne is also Attila’s support person, talking through any challenges he may be facing.  

“Watching Attila move into a new work environment, where you can see how proud he is to be working for Metro, has been very rewarding” she said.  

Attila has found security and contentment in his new role.  

“I love the work and like to be able to help people,” he said. 


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