Cameron Finds Perfect Postman Role with help from are-able Maryborough

As the Carisbrook postie, Cameron Webb is a familiar face to many locals. But just two years ago, Cameron wondered if he’d ever be able to work again. A range of injuries resulting from years of physical labour meant that finding the right job was a challenge. Cameron found help in the form of are-able disability employment services Maryborough working closely with Employment Consultant Kenny and Business Development Officer Kym.

“When we met Cameron, he was fairly down and worried he’d never find work again,” said Kym.

“We knew he just needed an employer who would see his potential and be accommodating to his barriers. When Glenn at the Carisbrook Post Office mentioned he was looking for a Postie, Cameron was an obvious choice and the first person we put forward for the role,” she said.

Since landing the postie job, Cameron has gone from strength to strength. He’s now been in the role for over 18 months and his position has given him the stability to buy his own home. He describes the role as his “perfect job”.

“Kenny and Kym did really well in helping me find a role that suited. They even found it before it was advertised. They did all the work – I couldn’t find a better job to suit me,” said Cameron.

Glenn Patterson is the owner of the Carisbrook post office. He’s thrilled with the success of Cameron’s employment.

“To say Cameron is an asset to our post office would be an understatement.” He said.

“We needed somebody reliable and he really helped us out by stepping up into the role. I am so grateful Kym and Kenny put Cameron forward for the job. He is a fantastic employee and a valued part of our team,” said Glenn.

For are-able Employment Consultant Kenny, connecting people to successful employment is the best part of his job.

“Cameron has been so reliable, giving his job 110% effort, in turn making himself an invaluable employee,” he said.

“I am so pleased for Cameron that he loves his job and that he has an ongoing work opportunity with the employer. I wish him all the very best for a great future and thank him for working with are-able”.

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