Finding the right job

Finding the right job that fits your skills and interests can prove to be a difficult task for anybody- so taking into account experience, personality, skills and a whole other range of factors is important.

Are-able recently placed 44-year-old Bendigo resident Justin into a job that’s a great fit- a shelf replenisher at a major supermarket chain. His Employment Consultant Pamela had every faith in Justin, and knew that by working together they would find the right position for Justin.

are-able found the right fit for Justin

Prior to his current job, Justin worked as a cleaner and in labouring jobs. When the supermarket job came up, Pamela and Justin were unsure whether he would be suited to a job in retail- would he work well with the public? Would Justin’s appearance as a heavily-tattooed body builder affect his chances at the job?

‘Justin is a teddy bear really,’ she said. ‘He’s always polite with everyone. He’s got an image but once you know him, you see him in a different light.’

Justin and Pamela agree that sometimes a job can seem like the perfect fit, but still doesn’t work out.

‘One of the greatest things about Justin is that he is prepared to take on anything,’ said Pamela. The journey hasn’t always been smooth- some jobs weren’t right for Justin, but he and Pamela agree that persistence is key to success.


‘We don’t give up trying what might work- sometimes we don’t know ourselves!’ said Pamela.

Justin has taken to his new role with gusto- after initially worrying about interaction with customers, it’s now one of his favourite parts of the job.

‘I was a bit shy (when I started) but now I’m a bit more open, I’m waiting for people to come up to me to ask. I’m good at finding the sauces, people always ask where the sauces are!’

Working at a supermarket is a different experience for Justin.

‘Better than getting a shovel to go and dig hole somewhere,’ he laughs. ‘It’s different every day, different things to do every day, there’s variety and good people.’

Working has brought Justin a feeling of well-being and security. He feels better about himself and is happy he’s now able manage his own finances rather than seeking help from friends and Centrelink.

Justin is quick to acknowledge the help he’s received on his journey. He credits his easy transition into his current position to his boss, who is approachable, consistent and keeps a happy working environment. But it’s are-able’s Pamela who has been Justin’s greatest ally.

‘Pamela is like family,’ he said. ‘She’s had my back since I met her. Give are-able a crack. If work doesn’t work out for you, keep going, it does happen.’

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