Overcoming Barriers: Brady’s Journey to Employment in Mildura

Overcoming Barriers: Brady’s Journey to Employment in Mildura

In Mildura, a remarkable story unfolds. Brady, a resilient 24-year-old with a passion for numbers and legal documents, has defied the odds to find employment.

Brady’s journey with are-able began in early 2023 amidst personal struggles. Battling autism and Ankylosing Spondylitis, he faced challenges, especially with social interactions that triggered anxiety. Despite these hurdles, Brady supported his parents’ newsagency while pursuing a career in the legal field.

Guided by Employment Consultant Trista Rickard and supported by Business Development Officer Reney Hutchins, Brady embarked on a pathway to employment. are-able provided unwavering support, from building a polished resume to honing interview skills through mock sessions. Fuel vouchers eased transportation costs, and obtaining a Working with Children’s Check opened new opportunities.

Reney Hutchins played a crucial role in preparing Brady for employment, building a strong relationship with Value Care Mildura. Her efforts ensured that Brady was not only job-ready but also matched with an employer who values and supports his unique strengths.

Brady’s perseverance never wavered, even when he forgot an interview. With Trista’s guidance, he attended group sessions, braving each appointment in person unless helping at the family newsagency.

Then came the breakthrough – a traineeship opportunity with Value Care Mildura as a Finance Officer. Supported by his colleague Pauline and HR Manager Casey, Brady thrived. What began as a three-day-a-week commitment quickly blossomed into a full-time role, transforming Brady’s life.

In Brady’s words, this experience has been “life-changing.” The professional and personal support has been instrumental in his success. Value Care Mildura welcomed him and other local heroes, enriching the workplace culture and highlighting the invaluable partnership between are-able and local businesses.

Value Care expressed that Brady and his colleagues embody empathy, compassion, and dedication. Their integration into the team has brought joy and quality to the workplace, showcasing the transformative power of employment.

Brady’s journey is an inspiration, a beacon of hope for those facing similar challenges. Through resilience, determination, and unwavering support, barriers can be overcome, and dreams realized. In the heart of Mildura, Brady’s story stands as a testament to the transformative power of employment.

To learn more about are-able’s Disability Employment Services in Mildura and how we can assist job seekers like Brady, please contact our dedicated team today! We are here to provide unwavering support throughout your journey towards meaningful employment.