“are-able Swan Hill School Leaver Employment Support (SLES) NDIS program helps young job seekers overcome difficulties and succeed”

“are-able Swan Hill School Leaver Employment Support (SLES) NDIS program helps young job seekers overcome difficulties and succeed”

For many young people, the transition from school to the workforce can be daunting, particularly for those who face learning difficulties or are unsure of what career path to pursue. This was the case for Liam, a recent school leaver who struggled to find employment until he joined the are-able Swan Hill School Leaver Employment Support (SLES) NDIS program.

The SLES program provides school leavers with disabilities or learning difficulties with the necessary support to build their employment skills and confidence. As part of the program, participants attend group sessions and industry visits to develop their skills and explore different career paths.

Through SLES, Liam developed his basic employability skills and gained the confidence to pursue his interests. As Liam shared, “I had some learning difficulties at school, I was shy and unsure of what I wanted to do for a career. But with SLES’s help, I got to develop my skills, and I gained the confidence to try new things.”

One of the program’s key components was the Friday group sessions, where Liam had the opportunity to socialize with other SLES participants and work on topics and skills that would assist with employment. Additionally, he got to go on industry visits, which helped him explore different career opportunities and meet with employers and staff.

Eventually, Liam was successful in landing a seasonal job with the AFL, which he enjoyed doing. However, he had always been interested in working outdoors, and SLES recognized this and helped him explore different opportunities, such as a cadetship with Parks and volunteering with the SES.

Then, Liam learned about an exciting apprenticeship position as a Greens Keeper at Murray Downs Golf and Country Club. This was something that caught Liam’s attention, and he was determined to apply. SLES helped Liam create his application, and he practiced his interview skills with them. Liam was thrilled when he received news within 24 hours that Murray Downs was impressed and offered him a casual Greens Keeping labouring position.

SLES believes that Liam’s interest in the outdoors and hands-on work make him an excellent addition to Murray Downs, a non-profit organization that values community and growth. Liam himself is excited about the opportunity to learn new skills and contribute to an organization that benefits the community.

As Liam’s story shows, with the right support and guidance, young job seekers can overcome difficulties and succeed in finding fulfilling employment. SLES‘s program offers hope and inspiration to many young people struggling to find their way in the workforce.