Rodney, the Right Person for Swan Hill Role

Swan Hill local Rodney Wilson is a proud, hard worker who loves to treat his grandkids. At age 66 he has no intention of slowing down and enjoys keeping busy with work.

A health condition has meant that Rodney needed to find the right employer and type of work to be able to both support his health and to continue working.

Rodney was teamed up with are-able Disability Employment Services (DES) and Employment Consultant Jacki Watts to find the right role.
In October, Philip Cox (Phil) principal of Beverford Primary School approached are-able to see if they had any job seekers who would be interested in a groundskeeper and handyman role.

Jacki immediately thought of Rodney, knowing the role would allow him to work at his own pace and his skills meant he would complete tasks to a high standard. She put Rodney forward for the role. Following an interview with Phil, Rodney was offered the role.

are-able made sure Rodney had everything he needed to succeed in the role including a uniform, Working with Children Check, Police Check and equipment.

Rodney is thriving, he is responsible for all the gardening, mowing, watering and odd jobs around the school. Rodney has a flexible approach to his workload and will sometimes go in on weekends or early mornings if he has tasks that cannot be completed while the children are at school.

“I am enjoying working outside and at my own pace. This job gives me something to keep me busy day-today and I enjoy the benefits of employment and the ability to spoil my grandchildren,” he said.

Phil and Rodney get along well, Phil is so pleased he was able to find someone as perfect as Rodney for the role.

“He’s a great asset to the team, I’m thrilled we were able to find someone so perfect for the role and that he’s happy working for us. The flexibility of the role suits us both,” he said.

Rodney has made such a great impression that other schools have contacted are-able to see if they have any other job seekers similar to Rodney who can assist with their groundskeeping.

Jacki is thrilled the role has worked out so well.

“Rodney is such a lovely guy, I’m so happy this role came along at just the right time. He has a great relationship with Phil, they are very similar they’re both just very relaxed and easy-going. The role is a good fit, Rodney is always tinkering away building or doing something for his grandkids so a maintenance and groundskeeping role is perfect for him. He’s very independent but knows we’re here to help if he needs anything,” said Jacki.