Athena’s Calling to Community Work

Shepparton woman Athena Papadatos always knew she wanted a career where she could help her community. As someone with Cerebral Palsy, Athena knows firsthand the experience of people making assumptions based on appearance. But Athena also knows about the benefits of having a network who supports and encourages you.

Since 2018, Athena has been working with her are-able Employment Consultant Maxine Piggott. In October 2019, Athena was able to put her Diploma in Community Welfare Work to good use when she won the role of Cultural and Linguistic Diverse Advocate with the Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria.

The role has allowed Athena to thrive in her role of supporting people in the community.

Maxine is thrilled that Athena’s new role has been so successful.

“I love working with Athena, she has taught me so much and I’m so proud of all she has achieved. You can see she is so much happier now she is in a role that she’s is passionate about and is able to help people,” she said.

Athena says “I love working because I am able to use my education and personal skills to help and support those in the community. are-able’s support has helped me to work from home during COVID-19”