Andrew Gains New Employment with Whiteheads

Andrew Gains New Employment with Whiteheads

In 1995, Andrew Campbell was involved in a car accident which resulted in an acquired brain injury. The injury impacted many aspects of Andrew’s life, including employment, so in 2017 Andrew enlisted the support of are-able to help him find a job.  

Two men standing in front of the Whiteheads timber sign, wearing high visibility shirts, work trousers and a mask. They are giving an elbow bump to each other
L-R Wayne Dennett & Andrew Campbell

are-able Employment Consultant Travis Benham worked with Andrew, getting to know his interests and aspirations. Together, they developed strategies to navigate any on the job challenges. An important part of are-able disability employment services is ensuring tailored support. With Travis’s support, Andrew was able to be pro-active in his job hunting, taking on casual gardening and maintenance roles to build his skills and confidence. Travis was able to support Andrew in these roles with task lists, regular catch-ups and uniform. Through these roles Andrew built his independence and was ready for a meaningful, long-term position.  

are-able Business Development Officer Ryan Guareschi is in regular contact with local businesses as part of his role, so when an opportunity came up at local family-owned business Whiteheads Timber Sales in June 2020, he was quick to put Andrew forward for the role, contacting manager Wayne Dennett.  

‘are-able has a great ongoing relationship with Wayne and Whiteheads,” said Ryan. “Wayne has been terrific at making their workplace really supportive and has always been a great advocate for are-able in providing a safe and happy workplace over the years,” he said.   

Andrew landed the job and has become a valuable member of the team, ensuring the yard is tidy and timber is put away in the correct places. He’s also quick to offer assistance to other team members when it’s needed. The role has given Andrew independence and helped him get his licence. He enjoys the work and the interaction with the team at Whiteheads.  

“Because of my association with are-able, they have helped me to establish daily routines, confidence and the ability to work with different groups of people,” Andrew said. 

are-able have matched my abilitiesskills and preferences to work which is suited towards my capabilities and at the same time, challenge me to build on what I am learning at previous employers and current position at Whiteheads Timber Sales. 

Travis is pleased the job has been a good match for both Andrew and Whiteheads.  

Andrew has always been a fantastic job seeker and always put in his best efforts to find employment. Working closely with Andrew over the last three years, it has been an absolute pleasure and very rewarding to see Andrew finally achieve his working dream of finding longterm employment, which is the ultimate result.” 

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